Online Psychology Degrees 2022 (2023)

Working in psychology requires active listening and a passion for helping others. Psychology professionals must know scientific principles, human development and behavior, and neurobiology. In many instances, a psychology career applies theories and research to practice.

A career in psychology often requires some level of higher education. Many entry-level roles require at least a bachelor's degree. This guide covers the benefits of earning an online psychology degree, highlighting costs and common courses. Keep reading to learn why you should study psychology online.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology

What can I do with a bachelor's in psychology?

People who study psychology online often become therapists or counselors. Other people enter related fields as human resources managers or social workers.

Does a psychology major pay well?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) offers information on position salaries. According to BLS data, rehabilitation counselors earn a median income of $37,530 annually. Marriage and family therapists earn a median of $51,340 per year.

How long does it take to get a psychology degree?

Associate degrees take about two years to complete, and bachelor's degrees take four years. Master's degrees take around two years to finish. A doctorate in psychology can take between 4-7 years to complete. These numbers represent the length of time for full-time students. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Featured Online Psychology Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

Online Psychology Degrees 2022


University of Arkansas at Little Rock

School Information
Location Little Rock, Arkansas
Admission Rate 66%
Graduation Rate 43%
Accreditation Yes Higher Learning Commission
Percent Online Enrollment 54% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

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Undergraduate and graduate degree-seekers can pursue University of Arkansas at Little Rock's programs online or in person. The institution offers 155 programs, including 42 online programs. Graduates of the school's BA in psychology program often pursue lucrative careers in psychology.

Busy enrollees often benefit from the online psychology program's enrollment options and complete academic requirements around their schedule. Distance learners in the psychology program can study from anywhere using the virtual classroom environment. Online classes allow students to connect with classmates and professors through forums and email. While most bachelor's students need four years to earn the 120 required credits, part-time degree-seekers may take longer to graduate.

Degree-seekers with financial need can fund their education through federal grants and loans. Students can discuss funding options with financial aid counselors. According to the school, 95% of students receive some form of financial aid.

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Brenau University

School Information
Location Gainesville, Georgia
Admission Rate 58%
Graduation Rate 46%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
Percent Online Enrollment 60% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

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With in-person and online programs, Brenau University offers diverse enrollment options for degree-seekers. The private institution is based in Gainesville, Georgia, where it delivers on-campus programs. The online psychology program's high-quality learning experience incorporates scheduling flexibility.

The BS in psychology program features a virtual classroom environment, providing flexibility for online learners. Online classes feature virtual discussions and opportunities to consult with faculty members. Degree-seekers in the psychology program complete core classes and specialized courses in the field. A bachelor's degree qualifies graduates for a variety of entry-level psychology careers.

Admissions advisors provide prospective applicants with details about application deadlines and requirements.

Brenau University Fast Facts:

Total Bachelor's Programs: 46

Online Bachelor's Programs: 15

Average Cost Per Credit: 816

Percentage of Students Receiving Aid: 97%

Students Awarded Loans: 69%

Transfer Credits Toward Degree: No

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Liberty University

School Information
Location Lynchburg, Virginia
Admission Rate 51%
Graduation Rate 47%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
Percent Online Enrollment 92% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

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Liberty University enrolls degree-seekers in its top-ranked online bachelor of science in psychology and program. The private institution offers traditional programs at its Lynchburg campus and a variety of online bachelor's programs. The flexible learning format makes it easier for students to balance school with work or other responsibilities.

The online bachelor's program incorporates foundational and advanced coursework in psychology. The program offers many opportunities to customize the degree, including through electives and minors. The program supports distance learners through tutoring, a writing center, and career advising.

Online learners enrolled at the accredited institution qualify for federal financial aid programs like the Pell Grant. In addition to federal aid, students may qualify for institutional scholarships and state grants.

Liberty University Facts:

Total Bachelor's Programs: 91

Online Bachelor's Programs: 30

Number of Online Students: 78,511

Applicants Admitted: 51%

Percent of Students who Earn a Bachelor's Degree: 47%

Average Tuition Per Credit: 750

Transfer Credits Allowed: Yes

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McKendree University

School Information
Location Lebanon, Illinois
Admission Rate 63%
Graduation Rate 60%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes Higher Learning Commission
Percent Online Enrollment 47% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

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Based in Lebanon, Illinois, McKendree University educates degree-seekers through in-person and flexible online programs. The private institution offers 22 online programs, along with in-person programs at its campus. The bachelor's in psychology from the school provides a foundation for psychology careers.

Busy enrollees often benefit from the online psychology program's enrollment options and complete academic requirements around their schedule. The institution delivers psychology program coursework in a virtual classroom environment, using the latest technology. Students in the online program complete assignments and participate in class discussions virtually. Degree-seekers enrolled full time typically need four years to graduate from the 120-credit bachelor's program.

The institution holds accreditation, which means degree-seekers can receive federal grants and loans. Financial aid counselors help students understand funding options, such as scholarships and grants. The school reports that 100% of undergraduates receive financial aid.

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Methodist University

School Information
Location Fayetteville, North Carolina
Admission Rate 63%
Graduation Rate 45%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
Percent Online Enrollment 10% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

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With 74 programs, Methodist University provides academic programs for North Carolina-based students and those throughout the country. Learners enrolled in the private institution's bachelor's programs can study online or at the institution's campus. Students who intend to work in psychology can pursue the school's online bachelor's degree in the field.

With flexible scheduling options, the online bachelor of science in psychology offers a high-quality learning experience. Students gain transferable skills while completing general education coursework. Specialized electives allow degree-seekers to customize the program based on their goals and interests. Undergraduates consult with faculty mentors and academic advisors to select courses based on their professional goals.

Learners pursuing their master's degree online benefit from the institution's affordable tuition rates and can apply for institutional funding. Online undergraduate programs at the school cost an average of $422 per credit, and bachelor's students generally complete about 120 credits to graduate. The school's financial aid counselors support online students as they search for funding options.

Methodist University Facts:

Number of Online Students: 205

Applicants Admitted: 63%

Total Bachelor's Programs: 57

Transfer Credits Permitted: Yes

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Why Get a Degree in Psychology?

People who study psychology online may enter a secure job market with many career options. The BLS projects the need for counselors to increase 23% in 2020-2030, much faster than average. Projections indicate 8% potential job growth for psychologists during the same timeframe. These professionals earn a median pay of $82,180, about double the median salary for all occupations.

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Pursuing a psychology major offers flexibility and accessibility. Many schools offer online psychology degrees. The flexible programs allow busy students to meet their career goals. Online programs also tend to cost less than in-person programs. Learners who study psychology online save on commuting costs and living expenses.

How Much Does a Psychology Degree Cost?

The cost of a psychology degree varies. While the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) does not provide costs for online tuition, it does for in-state tuition. Many schools offer a similar tuition rate for in-state learners and those who study psychology online. According to the NCES, students spent an average of $9,350 on undergrad tuition at in-state schools in 2019-2020.

When creating a college budget, learners should factor in living expenses. Students may find it hard to maintain a job when completing a fast-paced program. Fortunately, learners may use federal and state grants and loans for living expenses.

Additional Online Student Fees

Besides tuition, an online psychology degree requires student fees. Virtual students often avoid paying student activity and campus maintenance fees. However, they typically pay a fee for online classroom management software.

A college budget should also include textbook costs. Purchasing used textbooks or choosing digital versions saves money. In addition, some businesses allow learners to rent books.

Students who study psychology online should factor in the cost of campus visits. Some online psychology degrees require participants to visit campus once per year or for certain classes with an applied aspect, like an internship or practicum. After completing a bachelor's degree, professionals should still budget money for education if they plan to pursue advanced degrees in psychology. However, certain employers may cover some educational fees.

How Much Do Psychology Majors Make?

Online psychology degree-holders' salaries vary. Position type impacts pay. School counselors earn a $58,120 median annual salary, while psychologists earn higher salaries. Psychologists need a doctorate to practice in most research, clinical, or counseling roles.

Experience also impacts pay. According to October 2021 PayScale data, psychologists with under one year of experience earn an average salary of $68,160. Psychology professionals with over 20 years of experience earn an average of $92,720.

Courses in Psychology

Psychology majors qualify for many scholarships. Professional associations, private foundations, and colleges all offer scholarships to support psychology students. Online learners must typically meet scholarship requirements if they attend an accredited college or university. In addition to the following scholarships, psychology majors can research opportunities based on their career goals or state.

  • Psychology and Human Development

    The class covers human development from a biological, social, cognitive, and emotional perspective. Learners discover typical and atypical development from infancy to adulthood. The class might also cover neuroanatomy, such as the structures and functions of the brain and nervous system. Upon completion, students understand how development influences cognitive and emotional abilities throughout the lifespan.
  • Psychology Theories

    A theory class covers the discoveries and philosophy that guide modern practice. Learners discuss theories by early researchers like Sigmund Freud. Students learn about therapy practices that developed as a result of these theories. The course also helps learners identify gaps in industry knowledge.
  • Research in the Psychology Field

    The class teaches students how to conduct ethical and accurate research. Learners discover the protocol for developing and testing psychological theories. Class discussions encourage participants to evaluate the quality of past studies. This class also often requires a research project. Students sometimes submit their class findings for publication.

How to Become a Psychologist

To become a psychologist, learners must earn a doctorate in psychology and licensure within their state or jurisdiction. Once students have completed a doctorate and acquired the required amount of clinical hours, students may apply for a psychology license. Licensure requirements vary by state. Most states require psychology professionals to complete 1-2 years of supervised experience through an internship or residency. Some states require a postdoctoral fellowship.

Once people earn their credentials, they must complete continuing education hours to maintain their license. Professional organizations like the American Psychological Association (APA) offer continuing education classes.

Many psychologists work for a clinic, but some open private practices. According to the BLS, 27% of psychologists are self-employed.

Licensure for Psychology

Psychologists must earn licensure through their state's licensing board. Some states

participate in reciprocity agreements. These agreements mean that professionals may transfer their licenses if they move. Since state license requirements vary, we will focus on general requirements.

The first step to earning a license in any state is a degree. Some states only require a master's degree, while others require a doctorate. To avoid any potential licensure issues, learners should earn their online psychology degree from an APA-accredited school. Next, licensure applicants should prepare for and take their state's licensing exam.

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Next, aspiring psychologists must complete supervised hours. These hours can take up to two years to finish. Keep in mind that licensure costs anywhere from $500 to over $1,000, which covers test prep materials and application and test fees.

Once licensed, psychology professionals must complete continuing education hours through in-person or virtual classes. Licensed psychologists may need to fulfill extra requirements if they move states.


What is the easiest major in psychology? ›

Psychology Studies at the Undergraduate Levels

Two-year degrees in psychology offered by community colleges and junior colleges are the easiest psychology programs you will find. Available on campus and online, associate's degrees in psychology typically require around 60 credits of college coursework.

How do I pass a psychology course? ›

How to Pass a Psychology Test
  1. Lay a Foundation for the Topic. ...
  2. Make Connections to Real Experiences. ...
  3. Personalize Your Class Notes. ...
  4. Take a Look at Notes Periodically. ...
  5. Get a Study Buddy or Two. ...
  6. Review the Information to Remember It. ...
  7. Get in the Right Mindset.

Is psychology a tough major? ›

According to students studying psychology, there is quite a lot of reading that you need to do. Psychology is one of the more difficult degrees and many of your assignments will require you to cite your sources and will require you to back up a lot of the arguments that you have.

How do I prepare for a psychology exam? ›

By following these relatively simple strategies, you can be sure that you'll be ready when test day arrives.
  1. Start Studying Early. ...
  2. Become an Active Listener. ...
  3. Review Your Class Notes Frequently. ...
  4. Form a Psychology Study Group. ...
  5. Take Practice Quizzes. ...
  6. Think of Real World Examples. ...
  7. Review Material in Multiple Ways.
29 Nov 2020

What is the most regretted major? ›

The most-regretted college majors
Major% who regret
Sciences35% 35% 35%
Education31% 31% 31%
Social sciences/law29% 29% 29%
Communications27% 27% 27%
6 more rows
30 Jul 2022

What is the hardest field of psychology? ›

1. Parapsychology. By its very nature, parapsychology is even more vague than “traditional” mental health practices. It's the study of nonquantifiable phenomena, such as telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory perception, and mind reading.

What is the pass rate for psychology? ›

A-Level Psychology has a pass rate of 97.1%, much better than GCSE Psychology. This is partly because of how students take this A-Level seriously, but also because of the exam. A-Level Psychology exams are fairly easy, and not many students struggle with them.

Can you fail psychology test? ›

There's No Pass or Fail

Just as there's no cookie-cutter approach to psychological testing, there aren't right or wrong answers to any test questions. This means you can't pass or fail a test, which eliminates the need to study.

How can I memorize psychology fast? ›

8 Strategies for Remembering
  1. Become interested in what you're learning. ...
  2. Find a way to leverage your visual memory. ...
  3. Create a mental memory tree. ...
  4. Associate what you're trying to learn with what you already know. ...
  5. Write out the items to be memorized over and over and over.
16 Nov 2009

Is psychology a stressful major? ›

Psychologists, therapists, counselors, coaches and social workers all help those who are facing mental health issues, or struggling to improve their lives and well-being. While this career path can be emotionally demanding and even stressful, it can also be very fulfilling.

Is psychology a competitive major? ›

Psychology is the second most popular major in the country. That means the competition for jobs is high. In order to compete with other recent graduates, you would want to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in addition to other types of experience (internships, research, involvement, etc.)

How hard is the psych exam? ›

In 2021, the pass rate for the AP Psychology exam was 53.3%, which is somewhat below average compared to other AP exams.

How do I study for a psychology exam in one day? ›

These six steps will help you study for an exam in 24 hours or less.
  1. Make a list of important terms, concepts, and ideas.
  2. Look for summaries in the textbook.
  3. Make more notes as you go.
  4. Make use of mind maps, charts, and graphs.
  5. Teach a friend.
  6. Review your important terms lists.
  7. Study out of order.
  8. Take practice tests.
13 Jun 2022

Is college psychology hard? ›

The average Psych 101 course can overwhelm even the most hard-working student. Aside from the history of psychology, students need to learn topics including personality, social, cognitive, and biological psychology.

What majors cheat the most? ›

"Engineering and business majors are most likely to cheat" "College students who cheat have a higher GPA (3.41) than non-cheaters (2.85) according to one study"

What major gets dropped the most? ›

Computer sciences and business and administrative studies are among the degree subjects with the highest drop-out rates; with around nine per cent of students dropping out by their second year.

What type of psychology pays the most? ›

Psychiatrists prescribe medications for patients with mental illnesses. Psychiatrist positions are by far the highest-paying jobs for psychology majors. The average salary is $217,798, according to PayScale. A psychiatrist should be licensed as a board-certified psychologist.

Which field of psychology is best? ›

Learn more about some of the highest-paying psychology careers, the typical salaries for such professions, and the educational requirements for entering these fields.
  • Neuropsychologist. ...
  • Clinical Psychologist. ...
  • Engineering Psychologist. ...
  • Counseling Psychologist. ...
  • Forensic Psychologist. ...
  • School Psychologist. ...
  • Sports Psychologist.
6 Sept 2022

Which branch of psychology is the best? ›

Exploring 10 common branches of psychology
  • Clinical child psychology.
  • Clinical health psychology.
  • Clinical neuropsychology.
  • Marriage and family psychology.
  • Forensic psychology.
  • Rehabilitation psychology.
  • Addiction psychology.
  • Sport psychology.

Is it hard to get a 7 in psychology? ›

Remember, just three per cent of all Higher Level IB Psychology students achieve the maximum mark of 7.

What percentage of students get A * in psychology? ›

A total of 28.7% of pupils achieved A*-A grades in psychology compared to 36.4% for all subjects.

What marks do you need to study psychology? ›

If you have an NQF level 4 certificate with an Admissions Point Score (APS) of over 21+ points, you are likely to qualify for a psychology degree. Your APS is important for your acceptance into many different higher education institutions.

How many people fail the psych exam? ›

Statistics indicate that the psychological screening eliminates between 15% to 20% of the applicants. This elimination typically occurs because either the candidate changes their mind about pursuing a career in this field, or they're not approved by the psychologist to continue.

How many people fail the psych test? ›

What's included in the psych test? There is a written test that sets up a profile of you. Most candidates are more than surprised when I tell them up to 40% fail the psychological test given by many departments.

Are online psychology tests accurate? ›

Internet-based tests work well when held to the same psychometric standards of reliability and validity as any other type of examination, says a recent report from APA's Task Force for Psychological Testing on the Internet.

Is there a lot of memorization in psychology? ›

In terms of coursework, psychology has a lot of vocabulary terms with regard to neuroanatomy, disorders, and theories. This entails a lot of memorization-based questions on assessments, so if your strengths lie in that, you would excel in the subject.

How can I memorize 1 hour fast? ›

Simple memory tips and tricks
  1. Try to understand the information first. Information that is organized and makes sense to you is easier to memorize. ...
  2. Link it. ...
  3. Sleep on it. ...
  4. Self-test. ...
  5. Use distributed practice. ...
  6. Write it out. ...
  7. Create meaningful groups. ...
  8. Use mnemonics.

What is the trick to memorize? ›

Make a habit of saying something 3 times as soon as you hear it. This will help you retain that information longer in your brain. In my case, when someone would tell me their name, I'd say it thrice under my breath. This signaled to my brain that this piece of information is important and I'd like to remember it.

What do most Psych majors do? ›

Psychology majors can be successful in a variety of careers outside the field of psychology. These majors can work in human resources, marketing, education, business, and healthcare. Working as a psychologist, counselor, or therapist will require an advanced degree.

Which degrees are the most stressful? ›

College majors in the STEM field tend to be the most stressful, such as engineering and architecture. The same is true for many of those in the medical or healthcare field, including nursing and neuroscience. There are also stressful majors from other fields, such as accounting and related areas.

Which major is the least stressful? ›

One reason these students may feel so laid back is their strong likelihood of finding well-paid, high-quality jobs upon graduation.
The 10 least stressful college majors can lead to some of the highest-paying jobs
  • Physics. ...
  • Materials Engineering. ...
  • Zoology. ...
  • Marketing. ...
  • Economics. ...
  • Public Relations and Advertising.
30 Jan 2018

What is a good GPA for psychology? ›

The mean of successful applicants to PhD programs in psychology, on the 4.0 scale, is 3.6 overall and 3.7 in psychology courses; for Master's programs it is 3.4 overall and 3.5 in psychology courses. The GPA should be, at minimum , typically 3.0 or higher.

What is a good GPA for a psych major? ›

in Clinical Psychology, for example, often requires at least a 3.7 GPA, along with other additional demands.

What kind of questions are on a psych test? ›

During the interview, the psychologist will ask you a range of questions about your background, work history, current lifestyle, any symptoms or problems you may be experiencing and what your expectations are about the job. A properly conducted psychological interview should not feel like an interrogation.

How many questions are on the psych exam? ›

The AP® Psychology exam includes 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 free-response questions. The MCQs in Section 1 will focus on: Define and explain content from a range of course topics.

How long does it take to study Psych? ›

1. A first B-degree with psychology as a major subject (3 – 4 years) 2. A postgraduate honours degree in psychology (1-2 years) 3. A professional masters degree in clinical psychology or research psychology (2 years).

How many hours a day should a psychology student study? ›

This doesn't mean you need to set aside three hours of study time for each class every day, but budget 2-3 hours of study time per week per credit hour. That means if your Psychology 101 class is three credits, you need 4-6 hours of study time for that course each week.

Is 4 days enough to study for an exam? ›

Ideally, studying should start at least five days in advance of the exam to allow students an ample amount of time to go over course concepts and materials, and reach out to their instructor or peers if they find they have any questions.

How do psychologists study last minute? ›

Last-Minute Study Tips
  1. Create a quick outline of the topics that will most likely be on the exam. Put a star next to the subjects that are giving you the most trouble, and then study these topics first. ...
  2. Don't take on too much. ...
  3. Get some sleep.
12 Mar 2021

Why is it hard to study psychology? ›

A major goal of psychology is to predict behavior by understanding its causes. Making predictions is difficult in part because people vary and respond differently in different situations. Individual differences are the variations among people on physical or psychological dimensions.

› Is-psychology-really-easiest-coll... ›

I don't think psychology is hard to learn. It's basically learning the parts of the brain and what each section is responsible for. Physio Psych is very...
Many people find psychology to be an interesting and fun major. If you are interested in why people do what they do or are trying to understand the behavior or ...
But f you do not have interest in it, it could be one of the most difficult subject to even pass in it. I would say that if a student is good in cramming he can...

What is the lowest psychology degree? ›

An associate degree in psychology is an undergraduate-level degree that usually takes two years to complete. The associate degree option is often offered at community colleges, and many students then transfer to a state university to complete a bachelor's degree.

What is the best psychology to major in? ›

Best Programs for a Ph. D. in Psychology
  • Behavioral and cognitive psychology.
  • Clinical psychology.
  • Forensic psychology.
  • Industrial-organizational psychology.
  • Neuropsychology.
  • Rehabilitation psychology.
  • School psychology.

What is the best major for a psychologist? ›

The general psychology major focuses on the foundation of knowledge of psychological theory, research and practice. Many students choose to take a specialty psychology major such as forensic psychology instead of a general degree.

What is the easiest major ever? ›

The 16 Easiest College Majors – 2023 Rankings
  • Psychology.
  • Criminal Justice.
  • English.
  • Education.
  • Religious Studies.
  • Social Work.
  • Sociology.
  • Communications.
5 days ago

Is BA or BS in psychology better? ›

A BA opens up opportunities in fields like criminal justice and social work while a BS prepares learners for more research-based, clinical professions. Many psychology bachelor's degrees prepare students for specialized careers in subsets of the field, including organizational psychology and forensic psychology.

Is psychology a low paying degree? ›

Psychology — and counseling psychology in particular, with an average annual salary of $29,000 — were among the majors with the lowest salaries.

Can I get into psychology without a degree? ›

As such, you don't need a psychology degree to start training. Instead, you need to have a background in one of the listed 'Core Professions', which include Mental Health Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Social Work, amongst others.

Is it worth it to major in psychology? ›

A degree in psychology opens up many opportunities to have a positive effect on someone's life. For example, as a practitioner in the field, you may help people overcome the effects of trauma, deal with a mental illness, face a mental health crisis or achieve personal goals.

What field should I choose to become a psychologist? ›

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is required in Psychology. The curriculum focuses on personality development, psychotherapy, stress management, and neuro-psychology. Postgraduate specialisation is available, with an MA or M.Sc. in Psychology, Social Work, or Counselling.

What do most Psych majors do? ›

Psychology majors can be successful in a variety of careers outside the field of psychology. These majors can work in human resources, marketing, education, business, and healthcare. Working as a psychologist, counselor, or therapist will require an advanced degree.

What major Can I switch to from psychology? ›

Below are ten potential Psychology degree paths that, when combined with psychology, can deliver promising careers.
  • Law. ...
  • Business. ...
  • Nursing. ...
  • Information Technology. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Public Health. ...
  • Communications.

What is the #1 hardest major? ›

20 Hardest Majors: The Ultimate Guide
  1. Chemistry. At number one on the list is chemistry.
  2. Architecture. ...
  3. Chemical Engineering. ...
  4. Computer Science. ...
  5. Aerospace Engineering. ...
  6. Biomedical Engineering. ...
  7. Materials Engineering. ...
  8. Petroleum Engineering. ...

What is the most fun major? ›

30 fun majors
  • Auctioneering. This focused degree prepares you for a career in auctions, sales and marketing. ...
  • Costume technology. ...
  • 7. Entertainment design. ...
  • Fermentation sciences. ...
  • Golf course management. ...
  • Jazz studies. ...
  • Nautical archaeology. ...
  • Pop culture.

Which degree is easiest to get a job? ›

8 Easy Degrees That Pay Well
  • Business Administration. Business administration is one major that is usually considered “easy.” Some programs will also only take 3 years to finish! ...
  • English. ...
  • Human Resources. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Marketing. ...
  • Supply Chain Management. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Communication.
6 Jul 2022


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